Shaw Contractor/Vendor Safety
Contractor/Vendor Expectations
Shaw Industries Group, Inc. recognizes its responsibility for providing a safe workplace for its employees and for taking steps not to create hazards for those performing work on its premises. Contractors must ensure that their employees and subcontractors adhere to good safety practices while on the property of Shaw Industries Group, Inc. and that they follow all applicable safety rules and procedures in addition to those listed by Shaw Industries Group, Inc. At a minimum, contractors must meet OSHA or applicable state regulations. When Shaw SAFE Standards exceed OSHA or state regulations, the contractor (and any subcontractor) must follow the Shaw SAFE Guidelines (unless noted in the Variance Section of this handbook). Shaw reserves the right to request and evaluate any training or documentation required by OSHA or Shaw.
Steps to Becoming a Shaw Approved Contractor/Vendor
Step 1
In order to become a SAFE approved Shaw Contractor please contact prior to completing any documentation.  Please specify in the body of the email the facility, nature of work, and the contact person's name.  Incomplete submissions will not be processed.
Step 2
Review the Shaw Contractor/Vendor Environmental Health and Safety Handbook.  You will need to complete the last page and e-mail it with the rest of the completed documents.  This provides the basic safety expectations for anyone performing work for Shaw.  Also note that if you are working at a specific plant they may have additional procedures.  Please refer to the Safety Requirements tab for a list of plants with additional rules.  If the facility is not listed please ensure with that facility that they do not have any other safety documents than those issued at the corporate level.
You will be expected to follow any and all Federal, State or Local standards and regulations for the work your are conducting, even if it is not specifically addressed in the Contractor Safety Handbook or Plant Specific Standards. 
Step 3
Review with your staff that will be working at Shaw Locations the Annual Required Training presentation on the Annual Required Training Tab.
Step 4
Check with the person requesting your service and have them verify that you have been added to the Approved Contractor Vendor List prior to beginning any work.
Maintaining Your Approved Status
Step 1
Annually (or at expiration of your insurance policies) resubmit a Certificate of Insurance (COI) with your new policy information to
Step 2
Annually, complete the training at the Vendor EHS Training Link and sign the attestation of completion.  This will show that it has been completed for the year (Note: you may want to screenshot a copy for your records) 
Step 3
Annually, cover the material in the Contractor Annual Training (Downloadable pdf) and the Shaw Contractor/Vendor Environmental Health and Safety Handbook with any employee you will be sending to a Shaw site in the coming year.  Note the plant may have some plant specific requirements or training as well.  We have some plant specific information under Safety Requirements section. 

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