Frequently Asked Questions

I want to become a Shaw Contractor, what do I do?
In order to become a Shaw Contractor please provide complete all of the documents provided in the Forms section.  You will also be required to provide the name of the Shaw facility and the contact person at that facility that is requiring your services.  An email, along with the completed forms may be sent to  Please specify in the body of the email the facility, nature of work, and contact person's name.  Incomplete submissions will not be processed.

I am an existing contractor, but I need to know the specific safety procedures for a certain facility.
 Please refer to the Plant Specific Safety Documentation section.  If the facility is not listed please ensure with that facility that they do not have any other safety documents than those issued at the corporate level.

Please refer to the Plant Specific Safety Documentation section. If the facility is not listed please ensure with that facility that they do not have any other safety documents than those issued at the corporate level.
Updated COI submissions may be sent directly to

Who can I contact if I have questions about the insurance coverages required by Shaw
Questions regarding amounts of coverage may be directed to

What if I am not required by the state to carry Workers' Compensation, based on the number of employees?
Some states have a Workers' Compensation election of rejection form.  Please send a copy of the completed form or a letter stating the exact 
number of employees, along with your state's requirements to

What do I need to submit for Workers' Comp verification if my company is located in Ohio, Washington, or North Dakota?
Please submit a copy of the Certificate of Premium Payment to

Do I need to have all of my coverages through one agency?
While it may be more beneficial to have everything located at one agency, it is not required.

Can I submit a declaration page instead of a COI?
Shaw requirements state that a COI is required.

Can I make changed to the Release and Indemnity (R&I) form?
Any changes to the R&I must be reviewed by Shaw's legal department and may result in delays to the approval process.

What level of insurance am I expected to carry?
Please review the Vendor Requirements.  If further assistance is needed please email


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